Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Pricing

What is Data Recovery?
Data Recovery:
Data Recovery is the process of retrieving data from a device or hardware that is no longer functioning, has been damaged, or where the information has become corrupt, deleted or is no longer accessible.
Will Data Recovery fix the device?
In the case of a damaged device, Data Recovery does not restore the device to its original functionality or repair it for future use. Any fixes to the hardware that do occur during the process is only deemed to be temporary to allow the data to be recovered. In this instance we do not recommend using the device going forward.
Operating systems and software:
Due to licensing laws the Data recovery process will not recovery or restore operating systems or installed software.
Warranty implications:
Please be aware that the recovery process may void any vendor or third-party warranties on the device. Please contact the warranty provider if you believe this needs to be preserved.
Turnaround times:
The recovery time will depend on the severity of the data loss. Especially if the recovery falls under the Advanced or Advanced Plus service, where it will require additional work such as opening the drive and replacing the faulty parts. It is commercially in our interest to firstly be successful and secondly as quickly as possible, however some techniques will take time and cannot be rushed.
The critical first step:
To give the best chance of recovery we would recommend not to attempt to recover the data yourself. Whilst we fully appreciate your overall technical knowledge, data recovery is very specific and it is safer if the device comes to us straight away without being powered up. This gives the end user the best chance of recovery.


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