• VHS to DVD/USB

      VHS Transfer to DVD Service

      Due to advancements in technology are you now finding that the old VHS player is either not working or starting to chew up your tapes! Are your precious memories on VHS and you would prefer them on easier to manage and safer to store DVD’s? 

      As a family run business we understand the needs of our customers and as we have always said, if a customer would like a service locally that no one else is offering then we will listen! 

      Be sure your memories are safe for your families next generation. That's why we specialize in converting VHS to DVD, time is given to ensure the best quality and blank spaces/errors are removed.

      However it is wise to point out that the copy is only has good as the original as we are not video editing your original, only converting. 

      Then give us a call, we think everyone should be able to watch their favorite home movie memories time and again.

    • Slide to PC/DVD/USB

      Slides to PC/DVD/USB

      Have your Slides converted and then stored, making it easier and more fun to rediscover your old 35mm negatives and slides on your own computer. This fast and effective new service makes easy photo archiving of all your old slides and negatives preserving them for ever. This conversion also captures all of your images just the way they were originally. Highlights:

       We use a high resolution 5 megapixel scanner recording every detail of your photo and slides for posterity.

       The system we use is Compatible with 35mm film negatives and slides.  Our extremely fast scanning time ensures most jobs undertaken are completed the same day, depending on the amount of slides required!

       Our system uses fixed focus range, automatic exposure and colour balances which create consistent, quality results time after time.

      Please call for more information.